Patient Testimonials

Dr. Israel was introduced to me at the end of 2008 and I have been seeing him regularly since then. The back of my neck was in a great deal of pain and at times the pain radiated down my arms and that alarmed me. Our family physician reassured me that it was due to stress and prescribed physical therapy. That only provided temporary relief and next it was suggested to meet with a surgeon. What other choices do I have? Was there a chance that a chiropractor could help? My doctor said there was only one that he would recommend to me or to any of his own family.


Dr. Israel is a trustworthy doctor and had taken care of my doctors family members. Now I can say that the rest of the story went very well and I had exceptional results from his treatments and his office staff. Still to this day my treatments are on a monthly basis to maintain the muscles in my back and neck. He and his office members provide excellent care!!


I am with little or no discomfort for the past 4 years. His gentle technique is very effective and caring approach is greatly appreciated!!




Cathy R.

I've been a patient of Dr. Israel since 1984. Without his care I would be in constant pain. He keeps my body balanced and pain free. The name B.E.S.T. says it all. It truly is the most effective and least intrusive method of chiropractic care.


Over the years I've been exposed to a variety of chiropractic methods, in both Europe and the U.S., but the B.E.S.T. method is by far superior to anything else.


I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Israel to anyone who is in need of quality chiropractic care.


Knut J.

I tend to develop neck, back, and muscle pain and recently sinus issues and when these occur I've come to Dr. Israel since the mid 1980's for his help. I've found that Dr. Israel's gentle type chiropractic treatment is every bit effective as the more aggressive types used by other chiropractors. Dr. Israel always finds the sore spots I know about and the sore spots I didn't know I had.


The staff is so friendly and open to any questions you might have. Dr. Israel listens to your problems and answers your questions and concerns. Your appointment time is honored and I feel his fees are very reasonable. I highly recommend Dr. Israel for your chiropractic needs and thank him for his care to me over the years.


Amy W.

I did not get introduced to chiropractic until I was an adult and over the years I have experienced many different kinds of chiropractic treatment and doctors. I can truly say that the techniques used by Dr. Israel have helped me the most. I have presented him with many different health issues and injuries over the years. He has been able to get me back on track and I know when I schedule regular appointments, I seem to stay on track a lot better.


Not only has he taken care of me, but my children as well. As children, they responded quickly to Dr. Israel's treatment. I believe his treatment and information provided to them allowed for them to experience fewer childhood illness and even the standard colds and kid stuff that generally seems to go around. Now as young adults they always look to chiropractic first. I highly recommend Dr. Israel and I thank him for keeping my family healthy and feeling great.


Barbara F.