Dr. David Israel received his undergraduate education at the University of Pittsburgh and Arizona State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from ASU.

He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology and Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1979.  He holds Arizona Board certification in Physcal Medicine Modalities and Therapeutic Procedures and Acupuncture.

His practice focuses on the health and well being of those suffering from acute and chronic pain and providing safe, effective care to people of all ages using advanced chiropractic technology.  Dr. Israel has received training in a variety of chiropractic techniques and is an Elite Master B.E.S.T. chiropractor.


My Chiropractic Story:​

Shortly after I graduated from Arizona State University, I was injured in an automobile accident. I began experiencing headaches, neck pain and back pain.  I was unable to work or do much of anything because of loss of mobility and severe pain. I didn't want to take medications because I knew that they would not address the cause of my pains nor would they fix my malfunctioning neck and back. A friend told me about the excellent results he received from chiropractic treatment after he sustained injuries in an automobile accident. I decided to seek care from a chiropractic doctor. My chiropractic doctor soon had me feeling better. I was able to return to work, and before long, my health was back to normal. I was so impressed with my chiropractic experience that I made the decision to alter my career path and become a doctor of chiropractic.



Advanced Education and Training

• Spinal Trauma and Soft Tissue Injury, Certification Course
• Spine Research Institute of San Diego, Certification Course
• BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique, Elite Master
• Certification in Physical Medicine Modalities and Therapeutic Procedures and Acupuncture

Community Service

Flying Samaritans – Active volunteer and past chiropractic clinic coordinator
 Baja California Sur, Mexico (since 1994)